Your health is your wealth

When you’ve got your health, you have got everything

Growing up I was very skinny but eating lot which made me question why was I not gaining weight like other neighborhood girls. That spark an interest in me to learn about food. Yes I have learned a lot about food and its impact on people’s wellbeing. I am passionate about helping people reach their desired weight goals and assisting clients on their way to healthy lifestyle using proven scientific facts. I am Dietitian registered with HPCSA( Health Professions Council of South Africa), ADSA member (Association for Dietetics South Africa) and a certified CDE dietitian (Centre for Diabetes & Endocrinology) with 12 years of working experience I do individualised meal plan which is designed to suit every clients need taking into consideration cultural beliefs, traditions and special dietary needs using science based facts. I believe in prevention is better than cure. Every person has to see a dietitian once in their lifetime. I do wellness with Bestmed, CompCare and Tiger brands medical aids.

I do presentations under Nestle in promoting healthy eating in Stokvels.

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